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Remember, if the Earth is deprived of its natural habitats and wildlife, then the humans, by carelessly destroying that which they don’t understand, will also cease to exist.  -  J.B. Moonstar

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Living in Florida most of my life, there is always an abundance of wildlife around, on the ground, under the water and in the air. Unfortunately, I have seen what happens when humans callously disregard the needs of the natural environment.


We should all appreciate the wonders of nature – as it is the wild flora and fauna of Earth that makes it a living and breathing planet – different from all other planets in our solar system. All creatures on Earth are responsible to keep it a viable ecosystem for all residents. Humans must remember that non-humans were here first!


There are many groups of humans who vow to protect and preserve the beauties of nature, its wild creatures, and their habitats.   Here are just a few of them:

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Junior Defenders of Wildlife 

Living porpoisefully   ocean-education

  For more information on Red   Wolves 

Defenders of Wildlife, August 16, 2020, Red Wolves: Where to Next, Heather Clarkson – author/blogger

People, May 29, 2020, North Carolina Zoo Welcomes Second Litter of Rare Red Wolf Pups This Year, Kelli Bender, author – 

People, May 8, 2020, North Carolina Zoo Celebrates Birth of Five Critically-Endangered Red Wolf Pups, Georgia Slater, author –

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