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Kimmi and the Sea Dragon

“It looks like its tail is broken! Let’s make

sure it gets home!”

Young mermaid Kimmi has been chosen to raise a baby sea dragon until it is large enough to live with its parents in the open ocean. Although warned not to go beyond the reef with her young charge, after Kimmi’s necklace breaks and the pearls scatter, they forget the warning and swim out to find the lost pearls.

When a ghost net threatens the mermaids' kelp garden and the sea creatures who live there, Kimmi and Snappy must be brave in order to save the day. Will they make it back to the safety of the reef?

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Roselia and the Ancient Warriors

“The rescue must be tonight!”

When horseshoe crabs were stolen from a protected wildlife area, mermaid Roselia knew she had to do something—and fast! Seeking help from a large dragon and a human friend, she created a plan to save them.

Join our trio in a race against time to find the captured horseshoe crabs, help them escape, and lead them on a journey back to the ocean. After all their efforts, they find the poacher waiting at the finish line to recapture the crabs! Will they be able to make it back home after all?

Published by 4HorsemenPublications

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