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Russ and the Hidden Voice 

There is a place filled with magic and safe for those

seeking sanctuary...

When Russ is rescued from an untimely death, he is transported to a new world in the caverns of the moon, where he is asked to help with a serious problem threatening to destroy Ituria’s Island.

Inspired by Ituria’s noble actions, Russ is determined to save the island, with the assistance of a dragon and other island residents, even getting assistance from the mysterious nightmares. Will they be successful, and will Russ ever get back home?

It all depends on finding the source of the haunting voice that only Russ can hear.

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Taylor and the Red Wolf Rescue

On Earth, red wolves are extremely endangered, and one of the last forest areas set aside for red wolf reintroduction has been sold for a housing development.


Taylor has been watching a family of red wolves who will lose their home, and he wishes he could save them, but how could he save them and where could they go? Trusting a stranger to help, Taylor reaches the wolves in time; but how can they get the wolves out of the construction site without being seen?


Taylor wonders if he has the courage and spirit needed to complete the quest and rescue this wolf family from certain death; and if one small boy can make a difference.

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Jenna and the Legend of the White Wolf

“We must hurry, before it’s too late!” This desperate call for help starts Jenna, a young girl on a fast-paced journey to try and save Ituria, a unicorn trapped by hunters. After freeing him from the hunter’s cage, she must also protect him from a renegade wolf intent on taking over Ituria’s forest home.

Everyone, no matter how big or how small, can play an important part in their rescue mission. Sometimes it is the smallest of creatures that have the talent needed to save the day!  With the help of her new-found forest friends, will she be able to trick the hunters into leaving their forest for good?

During her quest in Middle Forest, Jenna learns how she fits into the Legend of the White Wolf and must decide if she is brave enough to see it through!

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Jenna and the Eyes of Fire 

Danger has returned to Middle Forest!

It has been a few months since Jenna rescued the unicorn Ituria from the hunters; and Jenna’s grandfather has come to live with her family. When the hunters return searching for a magical creature they claim to have seen, Jenna answers the call for help, and must protect her new forest friends…without her grandfather or parents finding out.

After Jenna learns that her grandfather has been to Middle Forest before, she realizes that his knowledge of the past can help with her mission; however, it also puts him in danger. How can she protect him and her friends without revealing her secret identity? Will the magic of the forest transform her back into a wolf to stop the hunters again? 

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Jan and the Secret Cave

"No time to explain – they will see you, now run!”

Learning that an expedition was studying a group of endangered terns, Jan joined the group with her father, to help him with his research and see if she could do anything to protect them.

While at the nesting site on the cliffs, she finds a small silk bag in a cave, and so starts an adventure with many unexpected surprises.
When she learns poachers have stolen many tern eggs, she is determined to rescue them, and with a little help, to transport them, along with their parents, to Ituria’s Island where they will be safe. But what chance does a young girl have against a band of poachers?

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Jan and the Search for Lilya

“Do you know who Lilya was? Was she here?”

Megan was talking slowly – deliberately choosing her words, she was trying to retain control of her emotions. This man knew something about Lilya, and Megan had to remain calm enough to find out what he knew.

This question made the man stop yelling, but he still pointed to the door, gesturing with his arms that they must leave. He would say no more, he had revealed too much already.
“Was Lilya here?” Megan repeated, her voice stronger and showing she had no intention of leaving without an answer.

“I still am.” said a small voice as Lilya
appeared next to the trees.

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Taylor and the Final Nine 

Join Taylor on his adventure to rescue nine endangered red wolves from extinction!

Using the ability to communicate with animals granted to him after his first encounter with Ituria's Alliance, Taylor races to save the red wolves left in his land. He joins forces with Megan, a dragon temporarily turned human, to save Brandon, a young wolf caught in a poacher's trap.

With Brandon freed, the poacher's are angry and hot on their trail. Taylor, his forest friends, unicorns, and dragons must band together to outsmart the dangerous hunters in order to rescue the endangered wolves and relocate them to safety.


But will they make it in time?

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Michelle and the Missing Manatee

Join Michelle on her adventure to rescue a baby manatee!

As a hurricane rips through her coastal community, Michelle does her best to stay safe inside her house, but a strange siren leads her to the end of her dock. There she discovers a young manatee named Ethan who is in desperate need of help. Quickly joined by Knocker, a dragon who can transform into a human, and Alleana, the leader of the Crystal Cay mermaids, the trio devise a plan to save him.

As this unique group of rescuers lead the baby manatee to safety, the worst of the hurricane hits. Trees fall, structures collapse and Michelle’s family is suddenly in danger. Michelle must overcome her fears and learn to trust others again if they are to save both Ethan and her family. Will renewed trust, compassion, and courage, along with a touch of mermaid magic, be enough? Only time will tell if Michelle can find the courage to save the day!

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